Rwandan Coffee - 10oz
Rwandan Coffee - 10oz

Rwandan Coffee - 10oz

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Single Origin - 100% Rwandan Coffee 
Our Rwandan beans are grown on Kigasali Mountain by Lake Kivu at an altitude of 1650 to 1880 meters.

The origin of Rwandan Coffee is as rich as its exciting, flavory taste. The first coffee bean plants got to Rwanda through German missionaries as late as the start of the 20th century. However, it took three decades of committed effort before any sort of coffee production started in the country.

Today, Rwanda Coffee has grown to become one of the world's best quality coffee producers. They produce the globally-acclaimed, exclusive coffee beans known as the Rwanda Red Bourbon Arabica. This species of coffee beans is amongst the top tier of high-quality single estate coffee in terms of richness of flavor, freshness and smooth texture. Buyers get to enjoy a beautiful aroma ranging from honey, floral, dark chocolate, nut, coriander seeds and different fruits. A cup of this premium coffee leaves a clean, smooth after taste which will make you coming back for more aromatic enjoyment.

Most of Rwanda Coffee is produced by around 400,000 smallholder producers. Most of these coffee-producing farms sit at 4,000-6,500 feet above sea level, where the conditions are perfect for growing Rwanda's Bourbon Arabica coffee variety. 

There has been a complete turn-around as Rwandan Coffee has become the coffee lover’s number one choice thanks to the tenacity and diligence of these small coffee farmers.

Cupping Notes
You'll find that it has a bold and smooth taste with a pleasant, sweet, dark chocolate and caramel aroma.

What You'll Receive
Each 10oz (283.5g) bag features a one-way valve and zipper to guarantee that your coffee stays fresh and aromatic. 100% Arabica