About Ivory Coffee

Ivory Coffee was created by two founders who had a dream to make quality coffee with a purpose. Though we’re based in Las Vegas, NV, we’re dedicated to making a global impact. Ivory Coffee specializes in single-origin, gourmet coffee that comes directly from Africa. In fact, one of our founders is from Rwanda, too. That’s why we do more than simply provide fresh, fair trade coffee; we infuse rich African culture into the world with every cup.

As one of the world’s leading coffee brands, Ivory Coffee is committed to giving our customers the best we can offer. We don’t take shortcutsFrom farm to cup, we employ a sustainable coffee creation process for a unique blend of flavors in every single bag. Coffee is a complex beverage; our approach ensures you receive only the best. No matter when you drink your brew or how you like to prepare it, you can always enjoy the rich taste of 100% arabica coffee with a smooth aftertaste and clean finish.

Since Ivory Coffee works so closely with coffee farmers in Africa, we are committed to giving back to their communities. When you purchase Ivory Coffee, 10% of the profit goes straight to Stop Ivory, an independent organization dedicated to disbanding the ivory trade in Africa.

Their team supports the Elephant Protection Initiative, which provides global solutions to illegal poaching and trading activities. Elephant populations are dwindling, and criminal organizations are getting richer off their demise—We need your help to fight back and save these wonderful animals.

Ivory Coffee is on a mission to deliver great coffee and save a piece of the world along the way. More than anything, we’re striving to bring people closer together one fresh roast at a time.When you indulge in Ivory Coffee, you get to satisfy your fix and make a positive impact on the world at the same time.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.